Sunday, July 14

Exclusive, Council Of Governors To Petition TSC Over Teacher Delocalisation

Council Of Governors To Petition TSC Over Teacher Delocalisation

The Council of Governors is set to present a memorandum to the teacher’s employer TSC, seeking the expedition of the process to delocalise teachers.


Speaking during KNUT’s branch annual general meeting on Saturday, Kakamega Governor Fernandes Baraza said there is a need for TSC to revise certain policies on recruitment, in order to ensure staff motivation.


“There are teachers who are still serving in other countries and this is a matter that we shall bring up to our Education Committee so that all those teachers who were delocalized lazima warudi nyumbani,” Barasa said.

“There is a reason why we are pushing for teachers warudi hapa nyumbani so that we can have interactions with walimu hapa nyumbani and this is a concern that is across the board so I can assure you that this is something that I am going to push through the Committee of Education to ensure that we present this memorandum to the TSC.”


On his part, KNUT deputy secretary general Hesborn Otieno said the union will still be pushing for an increment of salaries, in order to cushion teachers from the prevailing economic hardships.


The delocalization policy was halted in November last year, with 47,000 teachers seeking to be transferred to their home counties.

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