Rogue Powerful Mr.Sserugi Habibu, a Museveni’s Pointman charged with forging a Presidential Signature to secure Employment

  • A Powerful Museveni Official Was Arrested And Charged For Forging President’s Signature to Get a Job

A very powerful official in the Ugandan government is being haunted by a fraud he committed over a decade ago as a fresh graduate, throwing his hard earned reputation in the mud.

Mr Sserugi Habibu, a member of the Uganda’s Equal Opportunity Commission- a body charged with fighting discrimination and promoting equality is the man who finds himself at the centre of a decade long con that’s risking to smash his destine forever.

After enjoying an illustrious career in the deeper circles of the state, its emerged that the powerful Commission member was arrested and charged in 2013 after it emerged that he had forged the signature of a certain powerful member of the Ugandan First Family and subsequently secured a juicy job for himself.

As with most people with big god fathers in employment,  Sseruwagi started conducting himself in a bossy way, demanding that his employers kneel before him lest ” the big man who sent me here will kick your asses.”

This attitude earned him scores of haters and as one would expect,  it boomeranged on him.

” Over time, he started developing some weird behaviours. This prompted his employers to contact State House to address the conduct of their person,” then police Mouthpiece for Kampala and surrounding areas, SP Ibin Ssenkumbi told the media.

Surprisingly,  State House disowned him and it was discovered that the cunning young graduate had used forged documents to secure the job. Also his academic transcripts indicated that he was a bachelor’s degree holder which the subsequent police probe discovered to be a myth since he had only attained a diploma in computer science.

Ssenkumbi then said Sseruwagi would be charged with impersonation “Although there’s a problem of unemployment, job seekers should do it the right way,” he Ssenkumbi.

Mr sseruwagi, who miraculously managed to overcome the repercussions of the giant fraud flew out of the country and spent three years in South Africa where he allegedly worked as a traditional herbs man also known as “sangoma” in the local South African dialect.

He bounced back and became a powerful official at State House, playing an integral role in Museveni’s 2021 reelection bid as Head of Operations at the President’s pallace in Nakasero, Kampala.

In March, 2022, Museveni named Seruwagi as a member of the Equal Opportunity Commission in an appointment which was confirmed by Presidential deputy press secretary, Farouk Kirunda and his name was forwarded to parliament for approval.

The Equal Opportunities Commission is a constitutional body mandated to Fighting Discrimination and Inequality in all its form to individual or group and is currently chaired by Mrs Safia Nalule Juuko.

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