Corrupt Methodist Church in Kenya Presiding Bishop Ntombura removed by church leadership

Reports reaching indicate that the corrupt Bishop Joseph Ntombura has been removed by church leadership.

“Thank you for the good work that you are doing. You provide an Avenue for whistleblowers. On January 14th I sent you information confidentially about the corrupt Methodist Bishop and you helped bring it to light (check your posts on 14th January). Because of your help everything came to light and retired Bishops got together and managed to stop Bishop Ntombura. Today he was kicked out and church Property has been saved,” a source informed

According to reports, a meeting held on Saturday 25th March 2023 escalated after the Nairobi Synod announced they had delinked and cut all ties with the Bishop.

Retired church leaders had to step in to salvage the situation.

Bishop Ntombura was rebuked for illegally extending his term by two years.

Nairobi Synod Bishop Dr. John Maromba, stated there was need for urgent intervention as Ntombura’s continued stay in office is threatening the Methodist unity in the country.

“We will not be accountable to the conference until the current stalemate surrounding the leadership of our church is resolved,” stated Bishop Maromba.

We had in January 14th 2023 covered how the embattled man of the cloth had involved in irregularly selling off church property.

“Current Bishop of Methodist church is in office illegally and is selling off church property to a Somali businessman. Other former bishops are fighting him for that. It’s a big scandal in church”, a source told cnyakundi in January.

As per the Methodist Church constitution, a presiding bishop’s tenure is two 5 year terms.

The church published a caveat emptor on its properties following Bishop Ntombura’s evil onslaught.

“TAKE NOTICE therefore that any persons or parties dealing with the said REV. JOSEPH NTOMBURA MWAINE in the belief that he is the Lawful Presiding Bishop, do so entirely at their own risk and the members and congregations of the METHODIST CHURCH IN KENYA shall not honour any agreements, contracts, arrangements or obligations so entered into and/or imposed on any of its assets and institutions and shall further seek the restitution of any of its assets so dealt with or encumbered in any manner whatsoever at the said third parties risk as to the attendant costs”, the notice titled In respect of any purported dealings with the assets and institutions of the Methodist Church in Kenya said in part.

The Methodist Church in Kenya is worth over Sh500 billion.

Other leaders clarified that they had no problem with any other Synods.

“We have no problems with any other Synod, neither do we have a problem with the congregation our only issue is Ntombura who is in office illegally,” stated another leader on Saturday 25th March 2023.

Ntombura however defended himself by calling his term extension ‘procedural’.

“The extension of the term with two years was procedurally done in the 57th annual conference which was held at the Methodist resort and conference centre on August 3, 2022,” said Ntombura.

He had added that he will give way for a special conference which will initiate the process of electing a new Bishop sometime this year.

Bishop Ntombura had amended the church’s standing orders to extend his term.

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