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Corruption, Power Plays, Betrayal: Inside Brian Ouma’s Reign of Terror at the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi has been thrust into the spotlight due to a shocking saga of corruption, power plays, and outright disregard for academic standards.

Brian Ouma, the man at the center of this turmoil, has been wielding his influence as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) like a weapon, systematically undermining the university’s core values and pushing it to the brink of collapse.

Ouma’s ascendancy to the COO position was marked by blatant illegitimacy.

An image of University of Nairobi Chief Operating Officer (COO) Brian Ouma (right in grey jacket) and Vice Chancellor Prof Kiama
Brian Ouma’s insidious tactics are wreaking havoc on the University of Nairobi, transforming it from an institution of excellence to a den of chaos

Reports suggest that he was shamelessly parachuted into the role by the former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama, flouting any semblance of due process.

What is more alarming is that Ouma, who lacks a PhD, audaciously occupies a position that is equivalent to the esteemed Deputy Vice Chancellor roles, all while lacking the academic credentials required for such a critical role.

The allegations against Ouma only get worse.

A disturbing pattern shows that he consistently sabotages the efforts of the Deputy Vice Chancellors (DVCs), individuals who have dedicated their careers to the advancement of education and research.

Ouma’s actions scream of an agenda to suppress institutional progress and instead promote his own interests, furthering the toxic environment within the university’s corridors.

However, it is the corruption allegations that truly expose the rot within the University of Nairobi.

Ouma’s involvement in corrupt activities has cast a shadow over the institution’s reputation, transforming it from a center of enlightenment to a breeding ground for underhanded dealings.

The blatant disregard for ethical conduct has not only tarnished the university’s image but also betrayed the trust of students, faculty, and stakeholders.

But perhaps the most egregious offense committed by Brian Ouma is his role in orchestrating the ousting of Prof. Kiama from his position as Vice-Chancellor.

This sinister manipulation, reportedly executed in collusion with a well-entrenched ‘cartel,’ lays bare the depths of his power-hungry ambitions.

The ruthless maneuvering employed to push Prof. Kiama out of office exposes the extent of the rot that has permeated the university’s administration.

Fr0m Ouma’s ulterior motives, it becomes clear that he is the puppet master behind the constant turmoil plaguing the University of Nairobi.

By fanning the flames of internal conflicts and creating petty wars, he cunningly diverts attention from the real issues at hand, all while consolidating his hold on power.

This university, once a beacon of intellectual growth, now finds itself drowning in a cesspool of manipulation and self-interest.

The chorus of demands for Ouma’s immediate removal and a thorough investigation is growing louder.

The University of Nairobi is at a precipice, facing a pivotal moment that will define its future trajectory.

Will the institution succumb to the corrosive influence of individuals like Ouma, or will it rise above the muck and reclaim its position as a symbol of academic excellence?

In the face of these damning revelations, the university’s response will be heavily scrutinized by the public.

The path chosen—whether one of accountability, transparency, and academic integrity, or one mired in complicity and further decay—will determine whether the University of Nairobi reclaims its rightful place in the annals of education or becomes a cautionary tale of how unchecked power and corruption can irreparably erode the fabric of a once-proud institution.

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