Court Frees Anglo Scandal Leasing Suspects

Businessmen Deepak Kamani and his brother Rashmi have been acquitted alongside three former government officials, in the Sh7 billion Anglo Leasing scandal case for lack of evidence.

The Kamanis were charged alongside former PSs Dave Mwangi, Joseph Magari and Joseph Onyonka who have been declared “innocent”.

They were all charged with conspiracy to defraud the government through the multi-billion Anglo-Leasing contract known as the Modernisation of Police Security Equipment and Accessories between 2003 and 2004.

But after a long trial, Chief Magistrate Felix Kombo today ruled that the suspects were charged irregularly, citing glaring contradictions and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

He ruled that the prosecution failed to prove the case throughout the trial and he had no option but to free the suspects for justice.

In discharging the accused persons, the magistrate ruled that the entire procurement procedures were properly followed and that the budget allocation for the project was in order.

He also dismissed the prosecution’s assertion that Sounday Incorporation, the company at the centre of the alleged scandal was non-existent, saying that was farfetched because it had dealt with the Kenyan Government since the 90s.

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