Exclusive, Ruto’s fires another warning to sugar cartels

President William Ruto on Sunday said that sugar companies in the country will not be privatized even as the government seeks to revive the sector.


Speaking during a church service in Uriri in Migori county, Ruto said the revival of the sector will instead see the mills leased to people who will work under terms and conditions agreed upon.


Part of the agreement will see mills that are old replaced with new ones to ensure efficiency. Those taking over the mills on the lease agreement will also be required to ensure sugarcane farmers are paid on time.

In the debt write off plan we agreed in the Cabinet that we will pay the farmers then after doing that we are going to advertise so that we have a leasing programme so there will be no privatisation,” Ruto said.


“We will ensure that whoever will lease these facilities, we have to agree on how we are going to have a new mill that is going to serve us better and efficiently, farmers must be paid on time and we eliminate the challenges that we have had in the past,” Ruto added.


Ruto said in the next three weeks a clear direction and communication will be made on how the factories will be revived under proper management.


He however maintained that those behind the woes that have seen the sector run down will face the consequences, adding that the culture of the government using taxpayers’ money to bail out farmers after supplying their produce must come to an end.


He further reiterated the need to revive the sugar industry saying a lot of money goes on importing sugar yet the country has the capability to generate its own sugar through sugarcane farming.


“Nimekubali mara ya mwisho nitatoa pesa ya wakenya tulipe wakulima, hiyo pesa nitatatuta, tutakuja kulipa kabla ya December lakini vile vile haiwezi kwenda tu hivyo; hawa watu lazima niwakalie ngumu kidogo,” Ruto said.


This means, ‘I have agreed for the last time to use taxpayers’ money to pay the farmers and the payment will be made by December but those behind this will not go scot-free, I will be tough on them’.

Nataka nitoe onyo, kuna watu wajeuri, wakora, wamezoea wanazunguka sisi na hii kampuni all the time, wanatupeleka kortini, wanakoroga kwa sababu wamezoea kutuibia. Mimi nataka niwaambie, waniangalie kwa macho, this time round hakuna ukora,” the President Said.


This is translated to mean, ‘I want to fire a warning, there are people who are used to taking us in circles including taking us to court. They should look me in the eye because this time round there will be no games.


He said the government will not continue to put public money in a hole where farmers have given their produce, it is processed and sold yet they are not paid hence he has to look for money from Kenyans to pay the debts

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