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Exposed, KCB Bank’s Senior Loans Officer Siphoned Close to a Million From Woman’s Account, Attempted to Kill Her

how KCB Bank’s Senior Loans Officer Siphoned Close to a Million From Woman’s Account, Attempted to Kill Her

Sometime in December 2021, a woman walked into KCB Changamwe Branch to get a loan. The lady who had been a client of the bank, sought the services of one of the senior loans officers named Hannington Muthoka.

While in the process of applying for the loan, Hannington in scheme of things developed a relationship with the woman and they started being very close. Closer than close. So Hannington started abusing the relationship because he had all the client private data and with the relationship, he would access the client’s account whenever he wishes.

He started, not only taking money from the lady’s account without her permission, but also borrowing more using her credentials. In fact, Hannington managed to borrow money and bought a car using the lady’s credentials. The car is one among the Uber vehicles he operates in Mombasa.

The lady started getting into the financial red as the man even depleted more than Ksh 600,000 from her account. The lady complained and asked friends to advice the man to refund her money but the man refused and decided to plot an elimination.

So the man planned how to eliminate the woman as he realised that he was going to lose his job at KCB. So he bought a knife and planned a murder while pretending that he wanted mediation between them. So when the woman insisted on getting her money back, he decided to stab her several times hoping to choke life out of her. But members of the public who witnessed the commotion teamed up and gave chase making him leave the knife at the back of the lady.

After the attempted murder, the woman was rushed to Aga Khan hospital where she is in the ICU. The case which happened within the jurisdiction of Port Reitz Police Station and was reported there, was mysterious called by OCS Changamwe who is a bossom friend and partner-in-crime of Hannington Muthoka. Hannington was booked at Changamwe but didn’t look as suspect but a man who could do anything within the station.

The man was mysteriously released this morning by OCS Changamwe on police bond. It has also been revealed that the man was charged with general assault and not attempted murder.

While the woman fights for her life, the man is free and both the OCS CHangamwe and KCB Changamwe Branch Manager are all trying to ensure that justice is denied.

Remember that Hannington Muthoka stopped stabbing the woman repeatedly when the knife broke. He was out to kill the lady. Police say there are NO WITNESSES. There are many witnesses.

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