Exposed: My Boss Fired Me After One Week – Alcoholic , Saved by Pastor Dorcas , Man Recounts Ordeal

My Boss Fired Me After One Week – Alcoholic , Saved by Pastor Dorcas , Man Recounts Ordeal

Godffrey Mwago, an economics graduate, has recounted how Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi saved him following a period where he was sacked from two companies, including one where he had just worked for a week.

Mwago noted that  he was an alcoholic for 10 years, a vice that greatly affected his productivity at work.

As a result, he was let go by two companies and held short stints at several other organisations until he caught wind of the second lady’s rehabilitation programme.

“I have been at Timau Rehabilitation Center for three months where we were funded by Her Excellency Pastor Dorcas Rigathi. For the three months we have spent there, we have learnt that alcoholism is a disease,” he narrated.

Economist Godffrey Mwago.

“I have been in alcoholism for more than 10 years. I am an economics graduate but I have been fired in two companies due to alcoholism. The last time I was fired in 2021 where I had just worked for one week. Due to alcoholism, I was not allowed to continue.”

Now, Mwago has recovered and is working on empowering other youth into securing online jobs while shunning the destructive vice.

“Now, my mind is sober and I will be able to work when given a chance,” he added.

Mwago made the revelations at New Life Church Nyeri where the second lady worshipped on Sunday alongside a group of men who were recently rehabilitated under her boychild program.

Among the recovering alcoholics is a former Deputy Principal, Evans Githui, who was fired due to alcoholism but now says Pastor Dorcas has given him another chance to redeem himself.

“She (Pastor Dorcas) has actually salvaged my life because I started drinking in 1987 and I have been blaming every person for my woes. But now I can see my better self,” Githui stated.

The former deputy principal was dismissed from his teaching job at a school in Taita Taveta due to his alcoholism.

Speaking after the church service, Pastor Dorcas said she is now working on placing the reformed addicts in job opportunities and back to school for those who had dropped out.

“Right now, what we are doing is taking them for training in agribusiness and other vocational training and the moment we do that, we will connect them to jobs. The PS for Housing has already allocated opportunities for some of them, and others who left school, we are sponsoring them back. “She said.

“I can only thank God. Sometimes I can tell you I am overwhelmed, if you had seen when they came in, and what they are now, this is real transformation. “She added.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi speaks at a teachers’ conference at Chania Girls High School in Thika

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