Exposed: Prosecution Wants Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda Denied Bail

Prosecution Wants Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda Denied Bail

The prosecution has asked the court to deny alleged fake lawyer Brian Mwenda bail.

The prosecution says that if released on bail, Mwenda will not attend court proceedings.

The court was told that Mwenda’s conduct demonstrates that he has no regards for the law, and that he evaded the police for more than four days.


The prosecution also submitted that investigations are still ongoing and Mwenda might be charged with other criminal offences.

“The accused has caused members of the public to believe it is possible to get away with a criminal activity given how he managed to evade arrest and releasing him on bond will send the wrong message,” the prosecution stated.


The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) through its President Eric Theuri said that former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has made plans for Mwenda to attend university out of the country, adding that if released on bail it’s possible that he will not attend the proceedings.


In a video that was played in court , Theuri asked the court to note the remarks made by the accused and the Governor in which he intimated that they looked relaxed and unbothered despite the gravity of the accusations.

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