Five ‘Wash Wash’ Suspects In Ksh.13M Gold Scam Released On Ksh.200K Cash Bail

Five suspected fraudsters arrested in a Ksh.13.5 million gold scam, the latest to be revealed in Nairobi which seems replete with them, were Thursday afternoon released on a Ksh. 200,000 cash bail each.

Kibra Magistrate’s Court declined the prosecution’s request to hold them for five more days as investigations continue.

The suspected scammers are said to have swindled Australian national Boomfield Thor Ksh.13.5 million after allegedly handcuffing him and forcefully obtaining the money in US Dollars before assaulting him and threatening him with jail and deportation.

Thor narrated his ordeal at the hands of the scammers who resorted to violence when he outsmarted them and refused to pay before viewing and testing the gold.

Beaten cuffed and held at gunpoint, he had no choice but to send for the money in cash.

“I ended up calling my wife and asked her to come with the money which was USD 60,000…when I asked why they were taking the money the man jumped off the desk and started beating me and my wife escaped and tried to run out by five men beat her and sexually assaulted her,” he lamented.

After all this, the scammers still dared to reach him to conclude the deal and pay the remaining USD 40,000 (about Ksh.6 million).

He however showed up with cops who steered the operation that led to the impounding of fake currency all bearing the same serial number, gold bars and pellets a makeshift smelting machine among other items.

“I thank the Kenyan police on how they moved in and arrested this person I have reprieve in my heart knowing that there will be justice,” he stated.

The suspects were presented before the Kibra Law Court where they were released on Ksh.200,000 cash bail each. 

They are expected to be charged on November 8, 2023.

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