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How MP Ngunjiri embroiled in a fresh land fraud

Bereaved Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri is embroiled in a fresh land saga following claims that he evicted an elderly woman from her property. Ngunjiri’s lastborn son succumbed to Covid-19 at Premier Hospital in Nyali last week where he had been admitted for the past five months. The legislator, a staunch William Ruto supporter, has been implicated in a trail of land fraud cases. Sometimes back, the controversial lawmaker was mentioned in a land grabbing case in which 14 acres from Langata Women’s Prison were reportedly acquired through dubious means and later sold to individual developers.

Kimani Ngunjiri

That land is today’s Sun Valley Phase 1, Langata View Apartments, Langata Place Apartments and Langata Gardens. But in the latest case, which is now haunting the Tangatanga politician, a granny has emerged to accuse him of fraudulently manipulating paperwork in a bid to con her property she has owned for the last 45 years. The old woman, through lawyer Eric Mutemi of Nzamba Kitonga Advocates, further accused Ngunjiri of transferring the plot in question to his name. He used his company Pale Kenya Limited in transacting the deal. The woman is now living in fear following a barrage of threats from the politician who had earlier led a group of goons in evicting her from the property before ordering shaken tenants to channel rent directly to him.

Eric Mutemi

She is appealing for quick intervention to have the unruly MP arrested and her lawyer claims that Ngunjiri has not allowed her to access the property despite a court ruling on October 30. On the other hand, determined Ngunjiri rushed to the Milimani Environment and Land Court in a bid to seek a permanent order blocking the woman, her servants, employees or agents from entering or trespassing on the premises. According to the woman, her husband acquired the disputed land in 1975 at Sh79,000 from one Esther Njoki and her husband Peter Muigai before proceeding to put up a range of structures including rental shops, offices and a garage. The seller died later in 1980 before transferring the property to her husband. Her troubles started when Esther’s estate administrators declined to affect the transfer of the property. In December 2003, a group of gangsters attacked her husband who later succumbed to the injuries. After the incident, she was perturbed when Esther’s administrators immediately embarked on a mission to evict her.

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