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How Rogue, Dangerous American Military Contractor Gabriel Oser Of Valar Frontier sued for exposing his dogs to two Kenyans, almost killing them

The US security and crisis management firm Valar Frontier Solutions CEO George Oser is currently faced with a lawsuit in Kenyan law court filed against him and his wife Joanna Block of negligence after their neighbor’s housekeeper was viciously attacked by the couple’s two dogs on April 28, 2021.

Ms Colletta Sebby Abonyo, is seeking more than USD 560,000 (about Sh80M) in compensation from the couple claiming her life took a whole new turn after she was attacked by their bulldogs and badly injured.

The nanny is seeking general damages for suffering, physical impairment, emotional distress and loss of amenity amounting to Sh70 million, and a further Sh10 million for future medical expenses.

Evidence tabled in court shows that Ms Abonyo had taken her employer’s nine-year-old son for a playdate with the couple’s son but encountered the two mongrels at the compound attacking her as she protected the minor.

She says in the court documents that she underwent two surgeries as the dogs punctured her face, causing deep lacerations and tore chunks of flesh from her body during the attack.

On the fateful day, the boy had a play date with the couple’s son and after a short walk to the home in Hardy, Karen, they knocked at the gate and workers opened it for them.

But on entering the compound, one of the dogs charged at the minor and she instinctively lifted him up to protect the minor from harm.

The dog lunged at her biting her legs and the mongrel was soon joined by a second one.

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The dogs then forced her to the ground as she held on to the boy tightly and after being saved by the couple’s gardener, she had a deep wound in her face, legs and ears.

says the couple owed the duty of care to provide a safe environment to her and the minor upon entering the compound.

She says the couple ought to have known that the dogs were violent and aggressive and could harm visitors if left unleashed but they left it unattended, exposing her and the minor to harm.

Ms Abonyo says the change in her appearance has had an adverse effect on her self-esteem, inherent dignity, quality of life, social and leisure activities, and has the potential to impact her chances at entering into and maintaining relationships of a personal and romantic nature.

“The facial scarring and mental anguish have diminished the plaintiff’s quality of life which has made her performance of everyday tasks more challenging.

Additionally, they have led to the loss of congenial employment, the loss of pride and pleasure in her work,” Abonyo says in the court documents.

She says her physical appearance has lowered her self-esteem in her own eyes resulting in severe depression and fear of socializing and travelling, which were among her hobbies.

She is accusing the couple of violating her rights to human dignity and the right not to be treated in a cruel, inhuman and degrading manner.

Ms Abonyo says the couple had pledged to settle her medical expenses but they’re yet to fully pay.

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Gabriel Oser

According to information from the firm’s website, Gabriel started his career in US drug enforcement and has extensive experience working in the public service in collaboration with the US and foreign governments.

The former director for Africa for the Singaporean security and risk management company Unity Resources Group opened a subsidiary of Valar Frontier, the firm he founded in New York in 2013. The firm now has branches across East Africa cities including Nairobi.

Valar Frontier took up counter-terrorism duties at Mogadishu airport in 2020 one would be curious to know whether he’s a CIA agent given such a sensitive contract. The US is a major partner with Somalia in combating terrorism and specifically in fighting Al Shabaab, a terrorist group that continues to be a threat to the Americans and regional interests.

Court battles

This won’t be the first time Oser is battling a lawsuit, in 2018, one of his employees John Robert Walker took him to court for unlawful contract termination including freezing of his performance bonus running to $16,000, Walker who was providing security services for Base Titanium Limited, says he was forced to resign under duress. Using his position as the CEO, court documents show that he wrote to the Director of Immigration Services asking him to cancel Walker’s work Permit.

Given his nature of operations, is Oser legally in Kenya?

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