Isacco a rwandan renown artist Releases New Banger (Video)

Rwandan artist-musician. Born Isaac Murwanashyaka Nzabonimanain Kigali. Isacco had to go into exile in Kenya in 1994 following the war in Rwanda, which separated him from his parents when he was only three years old. He then grew up in France. He launched his music career in 2012 within the group IC-KS, while he continues his studies in France.

The singer narrated his Exodus in his musical career;

”In France, I fell into a group of friends who really liked music and others who were singers. I then started by accompanying them too and as I knew a little about how things happen in the studio, I gave them advice during the
recordings. One day, they offered to do a feat on one of their songs. I did it. My friends, they liked what I recorded. They suggested that I form a group; which I accepted. We immediately created an IC-KS group of three people. It was in 2012.”

In 2017, he recorded and published his first single Nonaha which had a good audience and allowed him to win the prize for best male artist of the diaspora, awarded by the

The immensely talented singer has now released his latest banger dubbed ‘ON S’AMUSE’ which has already garnered over 123K views on YouTube.

Watch his latest music below;

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