Keep Off Brian Mwenda’s Case – LSK Tells Off Politicians

The Law Society of Kenya has slammed politicians supporting Brian Mwenda, a man accused of impersonating an advocating the High Court.


Speaking on Saturday, LSK President Eric Theuri raised concern about why the suspect has received much support from Kenyans yet he has committed an offence.

He said they have handled several cases of imposters being dealt with procedurally according to the law but wondered why the case of Brian Mwenda has been so controversial.

“This is the first time this character is receiving support from politicians and institutions such as Cotu. This leaves us with a question, who exactly is this Brian Mwenda? Why is he getting support for criminal activities from institutions and persons who have previously served public office and understand the need to maintain the rule of law?” he posed.


Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko met with Brian Mwenda on Friday.

Theuri asked Sonko to present Mwenda to the police for the next course of action.

Theuri said Sonko is committing an offence by keeping the suspect away from the custody.

“Brian Mwendwa is a fugitive from the law, as Citizens we have a moral obligation to effect arrest if the said masquerader is spotted in public,” he said.

“We have seen a video he shot with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko making fun of allegations facing him. We want to tell Sonko that if he does not produce the suspect in court, we will ask the police to take action against him.”

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