New Investigation Exposes How Pilot Eric Ogola Lugalia Tried to Use Moi Family to Steal Sh250 Million Karen Land [VIDEO]

pilot eric ogolla Lugalia


In 2020, a Kenyan pilot was presented before a court on allegations of falsifying documents in order to acquire a Ksh250 million land in Karen, Nairobi.

The accused, Eric Lugalia, allegedly forced the documents intending to defraud the land belonging to Stuart Gerald Cullinan Herd.

He claimed to have bought the land in 2010 from Jonathan Toroitich, the late President Moi’s son, an allegation the Moi family dismissed.

A detailed investigation by Africa Uncensored has exposed how the whole plot meant to acquire the Karen land fraudulently was carried out with the help of cartels and people in high offices.


Watch the video from minutes 31-40:

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