Puzzle Of How Chinese National Returned To Kenya A Month After Deportation

Exclusive, details On How Chinese National Returned To Kenya A Month After Deportation

The Immigration Department has been put on the spot over the mysterious return of a deported Chinese national to the country.


Questions have emerged over circumstances under which, Shao Guixiang, found his way back into the country despite an active deportation order on his head.


Guixiang was one of five Chinese nationals who were arrested in January 2022 at a construction site along Mombasa Road and convicted of being in the country illegally. He is suspected to have made his way back into the country just a month after being deported in February 2022.

Reports indicate that Guixiang landed in Uganda before driving into Kenya where he secured a three-month tourist visa. In this period, he also unsuccessfully tried to appeal the court’s decision.


Guixiang’s presence in the country became public after a video clip capturing Chinese investors engaging in a property row along Kindaruma Road, Nairobi made the rounds on social media a fortnight ago.


Police would later identify Guixiang as the person who started the brawl after the matter went to court where it again emerged that the suspect was in the country illegally.

However, under unclear circumstances, his deportation was discontinued and he is still conducting business in the country.


Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof. Kithure Kindiki is now demanding answers from the immigration Department on circumstances under which the foreigner illegally entered the country before having his deportation discontinued.

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