Scandal: General Kenneth Mwige Kenya Vision 2030 secretariat’s Director badly exposed in corruption

  • Kenya Vision 2030 secretariat’s Director General Kenneth Mwige badly exposed in corruption scandal
  • Vision 2030 secretariat boss fights his removal

  • Meet Kenneth Mwige: Corrupt Civil Servant Who Earns More Than The President

  • Gov’t Ordered To Stop Interfering With Vision 2030 Secretariat DG Kenneth Mwige’s Work

Infuriated personnel contracted to the Kenya Vision 2030 are up in arms against the secretariat’s Director General Mr Kenneth Mwige whom they accuse of poorly running the development programme by practising outright nepotism and actively promoting corruption at the organization.

Speaking on behalf of disappointed colleagues, a trusted source within the Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (VDS) has exclusively revealed to us how DG Ken Mwige recently sparked shockwaves across the government-funded conglomerate when he blatantly acted against the law and fraudulently hired 3 staff members through a skewed recruitment process.

Apparently, the new employees simply show up to work, their paperwork is processed, details backdated and just like that, they have themselves a new job at the expense of a polite token of appreciation to the Director-General.

In the assertions anonymously presented to us, the insider further explains that this culture of dishonesty and deceit extends deep into all the corners of the Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat.

This includes the Procurement department where contracts are reportedly handed out through backdoor means.

Existing employees are often forced to forge supporting documents at the behest of the boss.

Recently, the situation deteriorated so badly that a section of jobholders at the programme took it upon themselves and reported the malicious activities to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission with high hopes that the long arm of the law would catch up with the culprits.

Unfortunately, the top brass or the secretariat led by the disgraced Director General are rumoured to have dipped into their deep pockets and frustrated the legal process.

Up to date, the EACC is yet to move a finger against them.

The official board, which consists of all Permanent Secretaries in Kenya is said to be unaware of these pressing issues hence no action has been taken from their side.

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