Sex Scandal Rocks Church Choir Members at Christ The King Cathedral Bungoma

A troubling controversy has emerged within the confines of Bungoma’s Christ The King Cathedral, as accusations of a Catholic Father turning a blind eye to sex scandals within the church choir continue to spark discontent among the parishioners.

Fr. Jeremiah Manuni finds himself at the center of the storm, facing severe allegations of protecting individuals involved in sexual misconduct, particularly those targeting female choir members.

The focus of attention is one of the choir conductors, purportedly engaging in intimate relationships with women within the choir.

Recent events have shed light on a particularly harrowing incident involving one of the choir conductors, who narrowly escaped a violent altercation in the house of a married man, allegedly after being discovered in an illicit affair.

The conductor’s fortunate escape through a window at night was attributed to the unexpected return of the woman’s husband, believed to be a police officer.

Sources suggest that the officer, foreseeing the affair, orchestrated a ruse, feigning departure for work only to return unannounced, catching the conductor red-handed before he escaped through the window.

Despite the reported incident being brought to the church leadership’s attention, no discernible actions have been taken.

It’s said that the said conductor is well known for sleeping with people’s wives and female choir members. He loves hanging around an eatery joint opposite Bungoma Chemist in Bungoma town.

This occurrence appears to be a recurring issue, with echoes of similar scandals proliferating since the tenure of the no-nonsense Father Wanyonyi.

During the late Father Wanyonyi’s leadership, stringent measures were taken against those besmirching the church’s image, resulting in dismissals from any church roles and activities.

Regrettably, those dismissed seem to have found their way back to church choir after Father Wanyonyi’s death.

Concerned members of the Catholic community have lamented the seeming futility in attempts to suspend rogue choir members, further expressing dismay at Fr. Jeremiah’s purported leniency, which risks compromising the choir’s sanctity and the church’s reputation.

But when reached for comments, Father Jeremiah denied having received such reports of sex engagements amongst choir members.

“I haven’t received such reports but I promise to act on them immediately such allegations land on my desk,” said Fr Jeremiah in a telephone interview with WakajuanessLive.Com.

The apparent silence from the church leadership has left a palpable sense of disillusionment and dismay among the parishioners, signaling a pressing need for transparent action to address these serious allegations of impropriety within the revered church community.

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