Taza Lane residents want action as deaths, illegal approvals and bribery witnessed in Parklands Illegal multi-millions constructions

Nairobi Parklands area have raised alarm over an illegal construction at plot number 209/7549 Taza Lane, off City Park Drive.

Over four deaths have been reported from the construction site which received an order from the environment and lands court to halt further developments.

The developer, Ameey Constructions has consistently snubbed the court orders and hastily continued constructions at whee hours which is against the laws of the country.

According to CCTV footages in our possession, the Nairobi City County land and planning enforcement officers led by the assistant director of the department Fredrick Ochanda have been on the site collecting bribes unbinding them from taking action to the culprits.

On Sunday 26, November 2023 morning; the hoarding walls, nets and roofs collapsed following intense construction works in the last months aimed at strangling the ELC Order stopping further developments.

It’s feared more collapses are on the way but the various agencies NEMA and national construction authority expected to stop the constructions have turned a blind eye to the illegalities.

The Taza Lane residents are now fearing that the structure will be an environmental hazard to the community if it will not be brought down as it lacks appropriate sewer line among other rationales.

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