Top Kenyans named in Zimbabwe blood diamonds scandal

A prominent Kenyan has been named in the unravelling scandal of Zimbabwe blood diamonds.

Diamonds. Picture by Turbo Squid.

Diamonds. Picture by Turbo Squid.

The political blog, nairobiweb as well known as nairobicronicle, has named lawyer Cecil Miller as among Kenyan individuals facilitating the smuggling of gold and diamonds from Zimbabwe on behalf of President Robert Mugabe’s cronies.

“Entreprising Kenyans have dutifully taken ownership of a controversial consignment of blood Gold from Congo belonging to Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Joyce Mujuru. She may be among the 200 banned elites profiting from Mugabe’s draconian regime, but she surely knew Kenyans’ prowess to OVERCOME any difficulty where REAL MONEY is concerned,” reads the blog.

“Our own blue chip lawyer (almost ECK chair) Cecil Miller came in handy using the right connections to AUTHENTICATE the gold consignment as originating from Kenya so that the Swiss company would not associate it with blood gold. This is big business for the boys and gatekeepers and woe unto you Kenyans who are depleting wild berries for lunch and dinner.”

Meanwhile the BBC World Service has confirmed that the smuggling of precious minerals from Zimbabwe is done with the involvement of people in Nairobi. “Vice President Joyce Mujuru of Zimbabwe has been trying to sell gold in Europe in a deal stretching from Nairobi to Zurich – the BBC has learned – in defiance of international sanctions,” says the report.

Mrs Mujuru has allegedly been trying to fund a multi-million gold deal in Europe, the BBC has uncovered.

source: rofinamedia

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