Famous TikTokers always seem to be in the gossip column of the news.

That’s because when it comes to entertainment and creating viral videos, there is no other app better than TikTok.

Even before we had the reels feature on Instagram, people all around the world made use of TikTok to create videos of their liking, many of which became famous all over the Internet.

Today, you will also find celebrities creating TikTok videos like Will Smith, Bella Poarch, and Charlie D’amelia.

A common characteristic among all these individuals is that they have a strong fan following.

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Top Famous TikTokers in 2023

In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous TikTokers from the US, based on their follower count.

65. Alex Warren

Alex Warren is one of the many famous TikTokers from the US. However, he also produces videos for his YouTube channel and Instagram page. Needless to say, Alex has garnered a massive following on his TikTok page.

Alex is typically known for uploading lip-syncing videos on this platform.

One thing about him is that he has been creating such types of videos for quite some time and has started creating long-length videos for his Instagram page.

Most of his videos have a minimum of a million views. Apart from creating videos, Alex loves skateboarding as well, something that shows on this TikTok at times.

64. Lil Huddy

Born in California, Lil Huddy is a famous US-based TikToker. His real name is Chase Hudson and he mostly uploads videos related to music and dance.

He is currently in a relationship with another famous TikToker by the name of Charlie D’Amelio. Lil Huddy loves showcasing his talents on TikTok.

Lil Huddy has also lived with some fellow creators in a hype house that he co-founded.

He has achieved a lot at the ripe age of 19, like starting a music career and releasing a few singles and his full-length album. It is safe to say that he is one of the top TikTokers in the US today.

63. Kylie Jenner

One of the most famous social media personalities from the US, Kylie Jenner first appeared in the famous show called Keeping up with the Kardashians, alongside her sisters.

Post the show, Kylie’s fame started rising and she created her accounts on various social media platforms.

Once Kylie created a TikTok profile, she quickly started gaining followers and has more than a million today.

She mostly follows TikTok trends; however, she has also uploaded a couple of original videos on her profile. Most of the time, Kylie’s videos include her sisters and/or her friends.

On every one of her videos, she receives millions of likes from her followers, which makes Kylie one of the most influential TikTokers from America.

62. Noah Beck

Noah Beck is one of those famous TikTokers who became famous through TikTok.

Today, he keeps uploading various types of videos to his followers and has garnered many fans. In most cases, Noah posts regularly about lifestyle, sports, and comedy.

Noah is also a member of the Sway House, which is a collective of other famous TikTokers like Griffin Johnson and Bryce Hall, among many others.

Noah was also known for being in a relationship with Dixie D’Amelio.

While the relationship was over soon, it did create a significant buzz all over the Internet. If you want, you can also buy his merch via his social media handles.

61. Liza Koshy

Yet another personality who became famous through social media, the only difference between Liza Koshy and Noah is that she did it through Vine.

When she transitioned to TikTok, she was already familiar with the concept of creating short-length videos. Today, she is a social media personality, an actress, and a comedian.

Liza is easily one of the most hilarious TikTokers on this list. Thanks to her innate funny nature, she keeps creating such videos. Her content is very popular.

Additionally, Liza also has a dedicated YouTube channel where she shares most of her videos. She has also started her original series on YouTube called ‘Liza on Demand’.

60. Flight House

Unlike other TikTok profiles in this list, Flight House is a collective TikTok channel from the US. This channel consists of people that create viral videos.

Flight House is known for creating some of the most viral videos on the platform.

Additionally, the collective is also renowned for implementing effective strategies about brand management, which are just some of the reasons why this group is so famous on the platform.

This group has collaborated with some of the most influential TikTokers in the industry, including names like Noah Centino, Addison Rae, Dixie, and Charli D’Amerlio.

Overall, this group is all about creating something based on identity.

Since its inception, the company has been growing rapidly and has also acquired a podcast. Additionally, Flight House started its own record label.

59. David Dobrik

David Dobrik is one of the personalities who started their social media journey via YouTube. Of course, he still creates YouTube videos and is very famous for it.

David is primarily known for creating short-length vlogs about various topics. Thanks to these amazing vlogs, David gained a lot of popularity and is loved by his followers.

Soon, David started a TikTok channel, which quickly gained a lot of followers. In his TikTok profile, you will mostly see him having fun with his friends.

At times, he will also review certain gadgets that he recently purchased. Overall, his TikTok profile contains content about a variety of things, which is something that helped him gain so many fans from all parts of the world.

58. Topper Guild

Another very famous TikToker from America is Topper Guild. In fact, he was first discovered on TikTok.

His videos quickly went viral and Topper Guild soon became a household name in this industry. He achieved fame at the very young age of 19 only.

Most of his videos are about funny content and pranks. His pranks are such that the audiences get hooked on them.

This is the reason why Topper Guild gained so many followers in such a short period. In most cases, he does all these pranks with a group of close friends; however, he has also collaborated with many well-known names, including Ryan Garcia, the famous boxer.

57. King Bach

Earlier known as the King of Vine, King Bach is one of the most famous TikTokers in the US. As soon as he started on Vine, he became a major creator on the platform.

Once Vine shut down its services, he started creating long-length videos on YouTube. Today, King Bach is an accomplished comedian, actor, composer, and rapper.

As TikTok had just started at that time, Bach decided to give it a try and never turned back. Today, he is one of the most influential TikTokers in America.

One of the best things about King Bach is that he knows how to tickle the funny bones of his audience.

Thanks to his videos, he gained a huge number of fans on TikTok. He consistently keeps uploading funny videos on this profile. Most of these videos are short skits, which earned him many fans around the world.

56. Lele Pons

An American of Venezuelan descent, Lele Pons is a famous TikTok celebrity. However, she has a huge number of followers on her other social media profiles as well.

She started with Vine and soon became famous on the platform. She used to create most of her videos with her friends, which became viral overnight. Later, Lele shifted to TikTok and YouTube.

Apart from being an internet celebrity, Lele is also quite a singer. Similar to Vine, she uploads her videos on TikTok and follows a theme.

One of her most famous videos is a dance routine that went viral; in fact, this video is still one of the most played videos on TikTok.

55. Marshmello

If you love electronic dance music, you must have heard of Marshmello. Today, he is one of the most famous EDM DJs in the world. However, he is also a TikTok creator.

As most of you already know, the identity of Marshmello is a mystery.

Even though he keeps wearing a mask, he is known for producing some of the best music of this generation; one great example would be the song, Alone.

On his TikTok profile, however, you will find that the DJ uploads various types of content.

In most of his videos, you will find him doing many types of activities like following the latest dance trends, meeting other creators, and even playing some football.

Thanks to the varied theme of his TikTok profile, he keeps his followers entertained. This is the reason why he is so famous on TikTok as well.

54. Jason Coffee

Based out of Hawaii, Jason Coffee is originally from California who moved to the Aloha State after marrying his wife.

As you can guess by the name, Jason is a coffee aficionado and formerly worked as a barista in Starbucks before entering the world of social media.

Even during the Vine days, Jason used to keep uploading content based on his family. In most of his videos, the theme remains the same – his family members and their daily activities.

Occasionally, he also uploads some funny content, which revolves around his family. Jason uploads these videos on his Instagram profile and YouTube channel as well.

When you view these TikTok videos, you will understand that Jason shares a great dynamic with his family, which is something that also helped him gain a lot of followers on TikTok.

53. Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking is a Greek-American TikToker who originally started her social media journey on Vine. Today, she has a very large number of followers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Hannah is known to upload videos about various topics ranging from hilarious to serious ones.

Since she has a background in science, Hannah tries to explain difficult scientific concepts in much simpler terms for her followers.

Apart from the mainstream exposure, she is also known for covering the pre-show of the Grammy.

Apart from creating TikTok videos, Hannah is also an amazing actress and writer, something which helped her gain a lot of followers on TikTok.

52. Bryce Hall

One of the most trending TikTokers today, Bryce Hall has been making the most of this social media platform.

When you take a look at his videos, you will see that he sticks to his bad-boy persona. While he does spend most of his time on TikTok, he is also active on various other social media platforms.

Bryce keeps uploading lip-sync videos on his TikTok profile. He also uploads challenges at times. Once he started dating fellow TikToker Addison Rae, he found more popularity.

He was also a member of the Sway House collective and has been seen creating many videos along with the members of the group. In recent times, Bryce is noted for his boxing match against Austin McBroom, which he lost.

51. Kody Antle

You may have noticed Kody Antle on the famous documentary series on Netflix titled ‘Tiger King’. He keeps making frequent appearances on the show.

Based out of South Carolina, Kody is a famous animal trainer who currently works at a safari park.

Currently known as the real-life Tarzan, Kody took over from his father, who was also an expert animal trainer.

In most of his TikTok videos, you will see his engagement with different animals in the safari park. He can also be seen interacting and playing with a wide range of animals like chimpanzees, panthers, lions, and tigers.

Of course, Kody has often been criticized by animal lovers for preventing the animals from living free in the wilderness and keeping them enclosed for human entertainment.

As of now, Kody Antle is easily one of the most famous TikTokers from the US.

50. Taylor Holder

Born in Texas, Taylor Holder soon moved to Los Angeles to start his career as a social media influencer.

While he is active on all his social media accounts, he loves spending most of his time on TikTok, which was also his main source of fame.

His videos commonly consist of popular challenges, lip-sync videos and lifestyle videos.

Apart from social media, Taylor is also a bit of a singer and has released a decent number of songs. He also tried his hands in acting for an online show called Dirt.

As of now, Taylor works closely with a group called the Hype House and has joined hands with them for some videos. Additionally, he also fought in the famous boxing event, Bryce Hall.

49. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is a social media personality who started his journey on Vine. In fact, his Vine account was one of the top ten Vine accounts at one point.

He has also been featured on various shows like The Outfield, American Odyssey, etc. He soon transitioned to TikTok and has become very successful on this platform as well.

Cameron is also quite an accomplished actor and has worked in some movies as well as Chasing Cameron, a Netflix reality TV show.

Along with some friends he made during the Vine era, Cameron keeps uploading a wide range of videos on his TikTok profile.

He is now trying his hands at singing and has already uploaded some of his songs on YouTube, which has garnered more than a million views each.

48. Noah Schnapp

If you have watched the famous Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, you may know about this TikTok personality. Noah Schnapp is a mainstream actor who is adored by his followers.

His acting skills have helped him gain a lot of followers on various social media platforms, including TikTok.

Since Noah is a model, most of the pictures he uploads on his social media accounts are related to fashion. However, he also loves TikTok and is known for jumping on popular trends.

In fact, he also stars in TikTok videos of his fellow Stranger Things co-stars. Noah also has a dedicated YouTube channel for his long-length videos.

These are just some of the many reasons why he has so many followers on TikTok.

47. Ross Smith

Ross Smith is a funny social media superstar who has a lot of followers on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. He garners millions of views on his accounts where he keeps posting funny videos.

He shares this fame with his grandmother, who often features in these videos. Some of his content has been featured in major news outlets as well.

Teaming with his grandmother, Ross keeps posting comical pranks and other trendy challenges.

As you can see from his videos, he shares an amazing relationship with his grandmother, who is quite funny as well.

These videos have helped the duo gain millions of followers from all parts of the world, which is why Ross Smith and his grandmother are famous TikTokers from America.

46. The Card Guy

The Card Guy, or Evan if you are feeling formal, is a famous magician who specializes in card tricks. He is also a master illusionist and demonstrates different types of magic tricks on his social media account.

From a very young age, Evan started learning magic, which propelled him to become one of the most respected magicians today.

At first, Evan started uploading his tricks on TikTok. He also heads out to the public to show unaware strangers different magic tricks.

His videos became so famous that he managed to get some celebrities featured on his videos as well.

Apart from his TikTok profile, Evan also has a YouTube channel where he uploads longer videos. Currently, he resides in California along with his girlfriend.

45. Mr. Beast

There is no doubt that Mr. Beast is one of the most prominent social media stars today who has gained fame and popularity in recent years.

He is primarily known for creating wild and outrageous videos. Thanks to his amazing videos, it should not be surprising that Mr. Beast is a well-known name over the Internet.

He started his journey on YouTube where he hands over millions of dollars for winning different types of challenges. Thanks to his partnership with various top companies, he is able to create these amazing videos.

Additionally, Mr. Beast is also known for his philanthropic efforts like opening food banks and helping people with no money.

He is also known for creating TikTok videos where he performs trending challenges and even includes small clips from his YouTube videos.

44. Lexi Rivera

One of the most famous TikTokers from America is Lexi Rivera. His brother, Brent Rivera, is also a famous TikTok superstar.

Today, Lexi has millions of fans who follow her various social media accounts. She mostly uploads her content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

On her TikTok profile, you will see a wide range of content. Most of her videos are about dance and comical content.

Lexi tends to create many videos in collaboration with her brother, which helps them both to grow their respective channels quickly. Lexi is definitely a famous name in the world of TikTok.

43. Madison Beer

A musician based in America, Madison started her social media journey by posting song covers on her YouTube channel.

As time passed, her covers grew extremely popular and many people started noticing her singing prowess. However, the social media game hit the next level when Justin Bieber shared one of her covers with his followers.

The next thing you know, she signed to Island Records and is currently managed by Scooter Braun. Additionally, Justin Bieber helped her rise.

Madison released her first single, Melodies, and has since then become one of the top upcoming singers in the music industry.

She also loves spending her time on social media platforms and often keeps posting videos on her TikTok profile. Most of her videos are about her lifestyle and talk about various important issues.

42. Justin Bieber

There is no doubt that Justin Bieber is one of the most recognized names you will see in the tabloids today. He is a very popular personality in the music industry as well as Hollywood.

He is known for producing some of the best music of this era. Justin first shot to fame after releasing his famous song ‘Baby’ at a very young age. Today, he is a mainstream musician who has won a lot of awards for his music.

Apart from being a successful musician, Justin also finds time to interact with his fans on his social media platforms.

He is known to upload some great videos on his TikTok profiles, which include the behind-the-scenes of his music videos and/or his live performances.

At times, you will also see Hailey Bieber, Justin’s wife, featuring on these videos. Justin also follows the latest trends on TikTok.

41. Peyton Coffee

The daughter of Jason Coffee, whom we have mentioned previously in this list, Peyton Coffee took up the branding from her father by adding the coffee to her last name.

While she did appear quite a few times on Jason’s TikTok videos, she finally decided to create her own content. She now has her individual TikTok profile.

Peyton mostly creates content for TikTok, which has helped her garner millions of fans from different parts of the world.

She also creates comical videos and showcases her daily lifestyle. Thanks to such content, Peyton is one of the top TikTok personalities today. Her videos are such that they will keep you engaged for hours.

40. Stokes Twins

Born in Florida, the Stokes Twins comprises Alex and Alan who started their social media journey together.

They make videos together and have a large number of followers on TikTok. There is no way of differentiating between identical twins, apart from their hairstyles.

The twins are known for posting amusing content on TikTok.

They are also members of a YouTube collective called the ‘Sunset Park’ where they have been featured on several of the videos. Additionally, the twins also have their own YouTube channel.

They have also appeared in various TV shows and have released a playlist where they have included their favorite music.

All these activities have made the Stokes Twins very famous on TikTok and their other social media platforms as well.

39. Zeth

Zeth is a social media personality, singer, and model from the US. He is primarily active on TikTok and is known to post various types of content.

Additionally, he also keeps uploading fitness-related posts on his Instagram account by collaborating with various brands.

Most of his videos made by Zeth feature his young daughter, Saylor. Both play with various types of toys and talk about different things.

Overall, you will find his TikTok account very warm and wholesome, which is the reason why he is so famous over the Internet.

38. Kevin Hart

Also known as the King of American Comedy, there is no denying that Kevin Hart is one of the foremost figures when it comes to comedy. The same funniness can be seen on his TikTok account too.

Kevin is known to upload some of the most hilarious content on his profile. Kevin had his fair share of struggles – he used to do small standup comedy shows. Today, however, he even has a Netflix special to his name.

Today, Kevin Hart has spread his wings to the world of acting as well. He is famously known for his role in the Jumanji film series. Through this series, he became very good friends with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Kevin has also been featured in the list of the Top 100 Most Influential Men. His videos reflect his charismatic and funny personality, which you will definitely love.

37. Larray

Also called Lawrence Merrit, Larray is known to create great videos for his TikTok account and YouTube channel.

At first, he started creating videos for his TikTok account. As soon as he started getting more fans and fame, he started posting on his YouTube channel as well.

Remember that we talked about the famous Hype House collective in TikTok? Well, Larray is one of the group’s most important members.

He has worked with various famous creators like Dolan Twins and James Charles to generate content based on various themes. It suffices to say that Larray is definitely one of the top TikTokers in America today.

36. Mackenzie Ziegler

One of the most famous TikTokers in America today, Mackenzie Ziegler is a professional dancer who has appeared in the Dance Moms show as a child and has been in the public eye since.

Since her landmark appearance in the show, Mackenzie has been the focus of attention.

Apart from being a dancer, Mackenzie Ziegler is also known for her acting skills. She often uploads amazing videos on her TikTok profile.

Most of her videos are about her dance routines. At times, she also uploads popular lip-syncing videos. Most people compare her to Charli D’Amelio.

Additionally, she has also released a few songs. However, dancing is her first love.

35. Foodies

As you may have guessed by its name, Foodies is a TikTok profile that is all about food. You can say that you will not find the regular lip-syncing videos here.

This channel works to attract the attention of a single niche; today, Foodies have more than a million followers from all parts of the world, thereby becoming one of the top TikTok profiles in the US.

The videos here are very unique and you will not find them in other TikTok accounts.

As mentioned previously, the main theme followed by Foodies is all about food. In some types of foods, you will learn about some useful food hacks.

In others, you will see how you can prepare a certain recipe. Foodies also work with a handful of fast-food brands. Thanks to the interesting and helpful content, this TikTok profile has gathered a lot of followers.

34. Joey Klaasen

Joey Klaasen is a famous TikToker who started his social media journey when he was studying medicine.

Thanks to his funny pranks and videos, Joey quickly became a celebrity on the platform. He later started a dedicated YouTube channel for long-length videos.

Joey is known to feature his family members in most of his videos. You will find videos of his pet cat, Charlie, too. He is an athletic young man who plays a wide range of sports.

He quit all these to become a social media influencer and shifted his base to Los Angeles. As of today, Joey is managed by Talent X, a management company that represents TikTik artists.

33. Willy Wonka

Of course, he is not that Willy Wonka from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, he is the next best thing.

His real name is Duke Depp and he started his official TikTok account once he realized he was adept at sounding exactly like the Willy Wonka character.

As he kept on uploading various types of videos on his TikTok profile, one of these videos went completely viral – it was the one where he was biting an apple.

Since then, he started gaining followers from different parts of the world. His dressing fashion also played a major part in becoming a TikTok star.

32. Cole LaBrant

Cole LaBrant used to be a Vine superstar before he decided to step foot in the world of TikTok, which he did once Vine shut down forever.

Once on TikTok, Cole also created his Instagram page and started posting entertaining videos on both platforms.

Today, he is married to a fellow TikToker, Savvanah, and they both share a YouTube account where they show their daily family lives.

The main subject of Cole’s videos is his family. Apart from TikTok, Cole is also known to be featured in the famous reality show called the Amazing Race.

He joined hands with his mother for the show and was the runners-up. Cole is also known for his roles in iconic movies like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, etc.

31. Party Shirt

A musical duo from the US, Party Shirt is famously known for creating the best of EDM music. They used TikTok to pave their way towards success.

Comprising of Xavier and Nick, Party Shirt was originally formed at the California University. Since then, they have been working together and have released many singles.

Of course, the duo does not make use of their TikTok profiles only for music – they also analyze facts provided by other TikTok users.

This fact-checking activity is something that is not very common, which additionally helped them to garner more followers. However, most of the followers love their music.

30. Cash Baker

Cash Baker is one of the most famous TikTok celebrities from the US. This social media personality is known to upload funny lip-sync challenges and videos. Alongside his brother Maverick, Cash is also a part of a band.

While he is mostly famous for uploading funny videos on his TikTok profile, Cash has been a part of several controversies as well.

For instance, it is known that Cash is against the LGBTQ community. There have also been videos where he goes to concerts and asks the people to read the Bible.

While there is no doubt that Cash is a famous TikToker, there is no shortage of controversies on his end.

29. Donald Ducc

Donald Ducc has quite a unique TikTok profile than most others. It consists of the Donald Duck toy that keeps giving its opinion on various things about life in general.

Donald Ducc is one of the most successful TikTokers from the US and they have a Mickey Mouse profile as well.

Even if you look at the videos, you will notice that the voice is almost like the voice you hear in the Mickey Mouse shows. This TikTok profile has collaborated with various other famous TikTokers around the world.

Additionally, this profile has also worked with famous brands and companies. In these videos, you will see that the doll is interacting with strangers on the random video chatting platform called Omegle.

These videos tend to be very funny, which is the reason why this profile has millions of followers from different parts of the world.

28. The D’Amelio Family

As the name suggests, this particular TikTok profile is used by the entire D’Amelio family. As you may already know, Charli and Dixie are famous TikTokers in their own rights.

Hence, they started the family profile for all the other members of the house. In most cases, this profile is generally used by the parents of Charli and Dixie.

This profile is easily one of the most popular TikTok accounts from America.

This profile is mostly visited by fans who want to understand more about the D’Amelio family. This profile has allowed the parents to taste some fame shared by the sisters.

Additionally, they also do a lot of fun challenges together. If you are looking for some content that is wholesome and funny, then The D’Amelio Family TikTok account is the best choice for you.

27. Ryan Garcia

A professional lightweight boxer, Ryan Garcia found fame and fortune in the world of boxing. He has been training to be a boxer for a very long time.

However, he ensured to make time for his social media accounts as well. Ryan mostly uses TikTok and Instagram.

When you look at the content of his social media pages, you will see that they vary based on themes and genres.

Since he is a professional boxer, you will also find videos related to his boxing skills and routine. Ryan has also collaborated with many social media influencers like Jake Paul and occasionally do boxing challenges.

The unique content he uploads on his social media pages is the reason why Ryan Garcia is one of the most influential TikTokers in America today.

26. Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs is one of the many upcoming TikTokers and social media influencers in the US today. His journey in the world of social media started with Mr. Beast; Karl used to work as his crew member.

Karl started by shooting videos with Mr. Beast and later gained a more prominent spot on this YouTube channel.

Today, Karl still collaborates with Mr. Beast. However, he started building his own social media pages.

For instance, Karl is easily one of the most famous Twitch live streamers today. He streams all the latest games that he plays with his friends.

Karl also loves to create trending and challenging videos on his TikTok account, where he features other celebrities regularly.

25. Maverick Baker

At the young age of 18 years old, Maverick Baker is a social media influencer who has more than 11 million followers on his TikTok account.

Maverick loves posting videos like trending lip sync challenges as well as dance videos on his profile.

Maverick has also joined hands with his brother, Cash, to create a separate TikTok profile under the name of ‘Maverick and Cash’.

As for Cash, he has roughly 6 million followers on his TikTok account. However, the sibling connection does not end here.

Lani Baker is another Baker sibling who has more than a million followers on her TikTok profile. All the siblings have a collection of 26 million followers on their TikTok profiles.

Maverick keeps posting various types of prank videos on his TikTok profile and has a joint YouTube account with his brother. He is also known to be a great singer and dancer.

24. Gil Croes

Gil Croes is a model, social media influencer, and actor hailing from Aruba. His TikTok videos are mostly about comedy and lip-syncing challenges. However, he also keeps uploading these videos on his YouTube channel.

Gil is definitely one of the most famous personalities from Aruba – he has more than 28 million followers on his TikTok page, 1.1 million followers on his Instagram profile, and 8,600 followers on this Twitter account.

As you can see, there is no doubt that Gil Croes is easily one of the most well-known TikTokers in America today. He has followers from all parts of the world.

At times, Gil will also feature Jayden, his younger brother, on his YouTube page. As of now, Gil is a college graduate and working as a model in Aruba.

23. JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa is a popular YouTube personality as well as an actress, dancer, and singer in the US. She is primarily known for featuring in Dance Moms Season 1 and 2 alongside the child in a candy store and the singles boomerang.

Later, she decided to concentrate on her social media journey and today has become one of the top 100 most influential individuals in the world.

With roughly 35 million followers on her TikTok profile, JoJo receives more than 14 million views on her videos. She has also received a lot of awards for her TikTok profile like the Choice Awards and the Dance Awards.

She has received the esteemed Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for various categories like her YouTube channel and music artist.

22. Avani Gregg

A style guru in her own right, Avani Gregg is a phenomenal TikTok personality. Even her TikTok profile has been verified by the site.

Most of her videos are about her stylish makeup and tutorials. However, you will find some amazing transition videos, comical posts, and challenging dance videos as well.

Starting her social media journey at the young age of 14, her first viral video on TikTok was her creepy clown makeup. In fact, she was known as the clown girl for quite some time.

As of now, Avani is a Level 9 gymnast and working towards Level 10. She has some Indian traits because her mother is from India.

21. Dominik Ruponski

One of the many verified TikTok users today, Dominik Rupinski is a social media personality who is known for showing off his impeccable dancing skills.

In fact, he has been featured by TikTok on no less than 20 occasions. Dominik has always loved dancing since the young age of nine years old.

Dominik Rupinski also owns a dedicated YouTube channel where he uploads his dance videos. He also features his mother, Monika, on his social media profiles.

At times, Dominik will feature his dog, Blaze. If you are unable to find his TikTok profile (this is highly unlikely), you can also look for his official Instagram page.

20. Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez is a famous TikTok superstar in the US. He is known for having millions of followers from all parts of the world, thanks to his great dance videos. Alongside his brother, Xavier, Tony also has a YouTube channel titled The Lopez Brothers.

Tony is also a part of the famous TikTok Hype House and is always seen collaborating with other TikTokers in America.

The Lopez Brothers have been dancing for many years now; they were famous for performing at several pep rallies. Today, Tony boasts more than seven million Instagram followers and at least 20 million TikTok followers.

Born in LA, Tony tends to spend a lot of time with his family members. Since he keeps uploading new and creative videos, his fan following only keeps increasing.

19. James Charles

James Charles is a famous social media personality from the US who is also a successful model and a makeup artist. He was born in 1999 and soon worked his way to become the ambassador of Cover Girl.

Later, he started his dedicated YouTube channel in 2015 while he was working with a local makeup artist in Bethlehem. James also appeared in several TV reality shows and even launched his brand of makeup.

James has been recognized and received many rewards for his work, including three Streaming Awards, a Teen Choice Award, and two People’s Choice Awards.

However, he is also noted for being a part of many online controversies, including the infamous public feud with another makeup artist on YouTube.

18. Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel is a famous American social media personality. Her real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin and is famous for creating the latest and most trending videos.

Today, she is easily one of the most recognizable and influential personalities on the Internet. In fact, she has also been featured as one of the top entertainment influencers in the Forbes List 2017.

Baby Ariel has also been part of various movies, like Zombies 2.

As of now, she has more than 35 million followers on her TikTok account, roughly 9 million followers on Instagram, and more than three million YouTube subscribers.

Ariel has also won the Teen Choice Award in 2016 and 2017.

17. Kimberly Loaiza

Originally from Mexico, Kimberly Loaiza is a famous TikTok superstar and a prominent singer.

In 2016, she started her YouTube channel and is today one of the most well-known TikTokers. Overall, she has more than 25 million TikTok followers.

Even her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. She uploads videos related to her daily life and also some BTS of her music videos.

When you combine the number of views on her YouTube videos, the number cumulates to roughly 1.9 billion views.

Additionally, she also has a successful Instagram profile. Currently, she is a proud mother of a young daughter.

16. The Rock

Popularly known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson is a promising TikToker from America. He also has millions of followers on his other social media profiles like Instagram.

He started his career as a professional wrestler and is today an accomplished actor and producer.

When it comes to wrestling, there are not a lot of names that can surpass The Rock. He worked with WWF for roughly eight years before trying his hands on acting.

Since then, he has managed to garner more than 10 billion views on these movies, thereby making him one of the richest actors in history today. As of now, The Rock has more than 29 million TikTok followers.

15. BTS

Hailing from South Korea, BTS is a famous boy band that was formed in 2010. The group consists of seven members and made its landmark debut in 2013.

While they originally started as a hip-hop group, they love to experiment with other musical genres as well.

Most of their songs are about youth, the coming of age, and mental health. The group has sold more than 20 million albums in South Korea alone.

The members are often known as the ‘Princes of Pop’ and have been awarded various music awards like 24 Golden Disk Awards, six American Music Awards, and nine Billboard Music Awards.

The group currently has roughly 37 million TikTok followers.

14. Brent Rivera

With more than 39 million followers on TikTok, it is safe to say that Brent Rivera is quite an accomplished TikTok personality in the US.

He also has a dedicated YouTube channel and is currently trying his hands on acting. Brent is famously known for playing Alexander in Alexander’s IRL and Isaac in Light as a Feather.

At first, Brent used Vine. However, the platform soon discontinued its services and Brent started looking for other social media apps.

He is also known for being the CEO and founder of Amp Studio, which is a talent incubator and a content group.

Additionally, his sister, Alexa Brooke Rivera, is also a famous TikToker. Brent has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards 2019 and won the Streamy Awards.

13. CznBurak

Unlike most other TikTokers in this list, CznBurak is a famous Turkish restaurateur and chef. His real name is Burak Ozemdir and is the owner of the Hatay Civilizations Table restaurants.

This chain of restaurants has four branches at home and an overseas location in Dubai.

CznBurak is known for creating some of the best dishes over the Internet, which helped him become a TikTok sensation. However, he is also active on other social media apps like Instagram.

CznBurak has more than 40 million followers on his TikTok page. Thanks to his amazing techniques and skills related to cooking, there is no doubt that CznBurak is one of the most famous TikTokers in the US.

12. Jacob Startorius

Jacob Startorius is easily one of the most famous singers and social media personalities in America today. He is primarily known for posting lip-syncing videos on his TikTok profile.

However, he is also an accomplished singer and released his famous song, Sweatshirt, in 2016; this song was an instant hit and landed on the Top 100 Charts in America.

Originally from Oklahoma, he was adopted and moved to Virginia.

From the young age of seven years, Jacob started acting in musicals; here, he discovered his passion for performance.

As for the music, he has released many other hit singles like Hit or Miss and All My Friends, the former being placed number 72 in the US music charts.

On his TikTok account, Jacob Startorius has roughly 20 million followers.

11. Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo is a famous dancer, songwriter, and singer from the US. He started his musical journey back in 2009 and has sold more than 30 million singles.

This also includes some of his best works like Talk Dirty, It Girl, Want to Want Me, etc.

Born to Haitian parents, Jason was born in Florida. He started singing at a very young age and also performed in various school events.

In fact, he wrote his first song at the age of seven. Thanks to his amazing talents, Jason Derülo has more than 47 TikTok followers from all parts of the world.

10. Michael Le

Michael Le is a famous choreographer, dancer, and social media influencer from America. He first started his TikTok journey back in 2016.

As you can guess by his videos, Le is famous for offering some great dance tutorials and also keeps dancing to random songs.

Apart from these, Michael Le is also a gifted vlogger, photographer, and blogger. Born in 2000, Michael’s goal to become a dancer started at the age of 12 years.

Apart from his popular dance videos, he also posts lip-syncing videos occasionally. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Le has an estimate of 49 followers on his TikTok account.

9. Loren Gray

Based out of Pennsylvania, Loren Gray is a famous TikToker. While she did work with Capitol Records and Virgin Records, Loren embarked on her journey as an independent artist.

She ranks ninth on this list because of the massive number of followers she gained between 2019 and 2020.

Loren has been using TikTok since her sixth grade. However, she stopped temporarily due to the online bullying she faced.

Next, she shifted her base to California and started focusing on her social media accounts. Today, Loren has 3.8 million YouTube subscribers, 21 million followers on Instagram, and 51 million on her TikTok account.

8. Dixie D’Amelio

We have mentioned this name several times before in this article. Known simply as Dixie, she is a social media personality who is famous for her singing capabilities.

She used TikTok as her platform to fame. Born in Connecticut, she is the elder of the D’Amelio Sisters. Dixie has also started a dedicated YouTube series called Attaway General.

Dixie also started a talk show on her YouTube channel known as Early Late-Night Show. As of now, she is releasing many singles as a singer and also working with Hitco Entertainment.

According to a report by Forbes, Dixie D’Amelio is one of the highest-earning TikTokers in America. She has even worked together with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa.

7. Spencer X

Born in 1992, Spencer X is a very famous beatboxer who found fame on TikTok. He was raised in New York and is also quite a reputed YouTube star. His real name is Spencer Knight and is of Ecuadorian and Chinese descent.

When you look at his TikTok videos, you will notice that his content is fast-paced and amazing. He also holds beatboxing contests or simply plays some smooth tracks.

Spencer has been featured in many publications all around America. As of now, Spencer X has roughly 53 million TikTok followers.

He has been into music as a child and can easily play a wide range of instruments like bass, trumpet, and percussions.

6. Will Smith

Will Smith is a name that most of us already know. He is one of the best actors produced by America who has been nominated for two Academy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards; he is also the winner of four Grammy Awards.

Not a lot of people have the honor of achieving this much in their lifetimes.

Will Smith created a TikTok account. Thanks to his inspiring nature and wonderful personality, he started gaining a lot of followers.

He is one of the most followed TikTokers in America today, with more than 58 million followers.

5. Zach King

Zach King is a popular social media personality, filmmaker, and illusionist. He used to upload his magic tricks on Vine and mostly shows the famous Sleight of Hand.

In most cases, these videos do not exceed more than six seconds; however, they are creative enough to garner the attention of users from different parts of the world.

Later, Zach started uploading his content on YouTube. Soon after, he created a TikTok account and uploaded his videos on the platform as well.

His magic tricks were so amazing that he started gaining followers very quickly. Today, he has more than 60 million TikTok followers. In 2010, he won the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and the London Film Festival.

4. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is a famous singer and social media personality in the US. She created the highest-liked video on TikTok in 2020, where she was lip-syncing to a song released by Millie B, a famous rapper from Britain.

She is also a budding singer and has released her first song, Build a Bitch, in 2021.

As of now, Bella has more than 75 million followers on her TikTok account, which lands her this spot on the list.

Apart from singing, she is also known for making cute and unique expressions and a great sense of fashion.

3. Addison Rae

A famous social media personality and a great dancer, Addison Rae started her TikTok journey in 2019.

She kept uploading all the latest dance trends, which helped her propel to become one of the top TikTokers in the country.

Addison currently has more than 80 million followers on her TikTok profile. This lands her in the third spot on this list. Forbes also listed Addison as one of the wealthiest TikTokers in the world.

She debuted as a singer in 2021 and released her first song. Thanks to her personality, Addison Rae is definitely one of the top TikTokers today.

2. Khabane Lame

Based out of Italy, Khabane Lame is a Senegalese TikTok personality who rose to fame for his short comedy skits.

Most of his videos are sarcastic and point out to people who are trying to get simple things done via complicated methods.

Thanks to these videos, Lame very well deserves the second spot in this list of the top TikTokers in America.

While he was born in Senegal, he has lived in Italy throughout his life. Lame loves to play sports like football and basketball.

In fact, he has been a junior-level basketball player and won some trophies as well. Due to certain financial issues, he worked as a CNC machine operator before he created his landmark videos on TikTok.

1. Charli D’amelio

Finally, the first spot for the most followed TikTokers in the US goes to Charli D’amelio, who is a famous social media influencer and a brilliant dancer.

Born in Connecticut, Charli has also been about competition and performed her dances for roughly 10 years.

Next, she started focusing on her social media accounts and started posting regular content on her TikTok in 2019. Hence, it is safe to say that Charli D’amelio is definitely a TikTok star you need to watch out for.

At first, Charli started uploading dance videos to various trending songs. Soon, her videos started getting viral and she started getting followers from all parts of the world.

In fact, Charli is one of the most followed dancers on TikTok. In 2020, she featured in an animated movie called Star Dog and Turbo Cat, thereby taking her first step into the world of acting.

Charli is also a part of a show on Hulu, which is based on her life.

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