Why Embarambamba opens up about Kisiis shunning him

Embarambamba opens up about Kisiis shunning him

Kisii musician Embarambamba County has revealed that he has never been invited to perform in his home county, despite being popular in other parts of Kenya and abroad.


He says that he has been compared to a madman and told to hide by people from his own community. He also recalls how his portrait was burned when Ruto was visiting Kisii, and how he was removed from the schedule of the president’s entertainers after complaints from members of his community.


Embarambamba says that he has been invited to almost all places in the country apart from home, and that it is only now that his people have started to regret not inviting him in the past.

This is a sad story, and it is unfortunate that Embarambamba has not been accepted by his own community. His music is enjoyed by people all over Kenya, and he should be celebrated for his talent and success.


I hope that Embarambamba’s story will help to raise awareness of the importance of acceptance and inclusivity. We should all be proud of our unique cultures and heritage, and we should celebrate the diversity that makes our country so special.

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