Sunday, July 14

Why Governor Sakaja’s Chief of Staff David Njoroge goes outside the country to avoid arrest

Nairobi City County Chief of Staff David Njoroge has flee out of the country to London to avoid arrest by Dci and National construction authority, after the collapse of his multi-storey building at Mirema Springs in Roysambu, Kasarani, on Sunday night.

No injuries were reported in the incident, which caused panic and confusion among the residents as a loud bang and smoke filled the air when the building came tumbling down.

According to some reports, the Chief of staff Mr Njoroge David, construction of his building began without the required documents from the National Construction Authority (NCA), raising questions about the safety and quality standards of the project.

This is not the first time Mr Njoroge has been implicated in shoddy dealings involving land and property in Nairobi.

The wheeler-dealer was previously accused of colluding with city cartels to grab public land worth an estimated 1.5 acres in Westlands and using a fake title deed to set up rental apartments.

Sources within Sakaja’s inner circle revealed that Njoroge’s mystery plans to grab Westlands were secretly executed by untouchable city cartels who networked with senior government officials for cover-up.

At the time, Sakaja did not comment on the allegations against his Chief of Staff.

The Chief of staff Mr David Njoroge is known as a tough man within Sakaja’s administration as he has been firing and suspending those senior cityhall officers who refuse to dance to his tune whenever directed to do interms of dirty corruption deals.

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