DCI wants laws enacted that make the use of biometrics mandatory to prevent impersonation.

What DCI is recommending to curb exam cheating


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has made a number of proposals to the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Education to curb cheating during national examinations.

The Parliamentary Committee on Education had engaged DCI as it was conducting investigations on allegations of exam malpractice in the 2022 KCSE exams.

DCI told the education committee that tough penalties should be recommended against those found guilty of examination cheating.

The security organ also wants “examination officers found involved in exam cheating and malpractices to be severely punished including being discharged from their jobs.”

DCI further says that schools ought to be advised to invest in CCTV cameras, especially in examination rooms.

“Knec should improve on the invigilation and supervision of examinations,” DCI told the committee.

The security organ said Knec should have enough thoroughly trained invigilators and supervisors to handle the examinations, making it difficult for examination malpractices.

DCI said honesty should be a moral value emphasised and entrenched in schools from basic education up to university level.

Additionally, DCI said there are possible threats to the integrity of national examinations which are posed by technology.

The security organ said if technology is left unchecked, the integrity of the national examinations is likely to be compromised and therefore the certificates will not be recognised.

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