Harmonious Co-Parenting: DJ Saint Kevin Opens Up About His Relationship with Karen Nyamu

In a heartfelt interview on Spice FM, DJ Saint Kevin, the first baby daddy of Kenyan politician Karen Nyamu, shed light on their co-parenting journey and addressed common misconceptions surrounding their dynamic.

Kevin, a renowned DJ, reminisced about their first encounter at the popular joint Tamasha club, marking the beginning of their relationship. He expressed immense admiration for Karen’s parenting skills.

“Karen is a very good mom. We co-parent okay, no drama at all. There is no bad blood between us,” he stated unequivocally, dispelling rumors of animosity and discord

Kevin firmly refuted the notion that baby daddies enjoy special privileges in their relationships with their ex-partners, emphasizing, “There are no privileges, none at all.”

Regarding Karen’s current partner, Samidoh, Kevin acknowledged having met him and expressed his respect for their relationship.

“We live completely separate lives; she has hers, and I have mine. We have a central point, our child. I go pick up my kid every week, and we are cool,” he explained, highlighting their amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Reflecting on the challenges of their past relationship, Kevin admitted that his profession as a DJ contributed to the strain between him and Karen.

“The DJing lifestyle, coming home late, and all that, it wasn’t working,” he confessed, acknowledging the difficulties of balancing his career and personal life.

Despite the past hurdles, Kevin remains committed to co-parenting effectively with Karen, prioritizing their daughter’s well-being above all else.

“I have a responsibility as a father, and I’m trying my best to fulfill that,” he asserted, showcasing his dedication to his parental role.

Kevin’s candid interview serves as a testament to the possibility of harmonious co-parenting, demonstrating that mutual respect, open communication, and a shared focus on the child’s best interests can pave the way for a positive and supportive relationship between ex-partners.

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