Pastor Ng’ang’a Reveals Why He Distances Himself From Grandson’s Medical Appeal

Controversial televangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a has publicly distanced himself from his grandson Jonathan Wise’s ongoing medical appeal for leukemia treatment.

Jonathan, the 6-year-old son of Ng’ang’a’s eldest daughter Naomi Wangari Maina, is battling a severe case of B-ALL Leukemia. Recently, Maina, a singer and evangelist like her father, made a public plea for Sh4.5 million to help cover Jonathan’s medical expenses.

However, Ng’ang’a has made it clear that he should not be linked to the appeal. While acknowledging Jonathan’s struggles, he stated, “I have my reservations regarding it.”

This comes after Maina shared a video detailing Jonathan’s health journey. Born in January 2018, Jonathan was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer, Bilateral Retinoblastoma, just two weeks after birth. The cancer progressed rapidly in one eye, requiring immediate treatment at only six weeks old.

Throughout the next three years, Jonathan’s life revolved around chemotherapy and frequent surgical procedures every three weeks. He bravely endured these challenges, undergoing treatment in both Kenya and India.

In 2020, Jonathan’s family successfully raised enough funds through a fundraiser to facilitate his treatment in India. Unfortunately, the young boy has yet to fully recover. Recent medical exams revealed the B-ALL Leukemia diagnosis, prompting the renewed appeal for financial support.

While Ng’ang’a’s decision to separate himself from the appeal remains unclear, it has sparked speculation and generated mixed reactions. Some believe he should lend his support to his grandson, while others respect his right to privacy and personal decisions.

Regardless of Ng’ang’a’s stance, Jonathan’s fight continues. He remains in the hospital, receiving treatment under his mother’s watchful eye. The family’s hope rests on the public’s generosity to help Jonathan overcome this challenging time.

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