Milly Chebby & Terrence Creative Deny Hating On Jackie Matubia

Digital content creators Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative have addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding their relationship with veteran actress Jackie Matubia. In an interview with Commentator 254, the couple clarified that despite recent online speculation, they still consider Jackie a close friend and value her greatly.

Milly reflected on the evolution of her friendship with Jackie, emphasizing that friendships, like seasons, can change over time. She reminded netizens that individuals are not permanent fixtures in everyone’s lives.

Echoing similar sentiments, Terrence stressed that a perceived strain in their friendship doesn’t necessarily imply its demise. He urged the public to refrain from hasty conclusions and spreading negative narratives, emphasizing that there are many underlying factors that remain hidden from public view.

Addressing Jackie’s relationship status, Terrence challenged netizens to provide evidence of any public statements he or Milly made confirming Jackie’s single status. He reminded them that Jackie publicly announced her separation from her fiancé, Blessing Lung’aho, leaving fans surprised.

Terrence’s comments underscore the importance of respecting personal boundaries and avoiding unnecessary speculation about the personal lives of others. The couple’s willingness to address the rumors head-on demonstrates their commitment to maintaining transparency and fostering positive relationships.

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