How Rapper Breeder LW Drops Fun Freestyle With ‘Twin’ Winnie Odinga

After enough comparisons between the two tickled the internet, rapper Breeder LW has finally met his so-called ‘lookalike’, in a meet up that many did not expect but are glad it happened.

The battle rapper has, for quite some time now, been compared, at least facially, to Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga, with many saying that the two could easily pass off as brother and sister.

Winnie Odinga looks like Breeder more than breeder looks like himself

— Morio Anzenza (@__spence_r) March 21, 2023

The ‘twinning’ hour finally came after the duo linked up for, you guessed it, a fun rap exchange with Winnie Odinga, herself no rap pushover, spitting a flawless freestyle packed with clever rhymes and witty wordplay.

Soon after, Breeder LW then dropped his own freestyle, employing the same cadance and multi-syllable rhyme schemes which have made him quite the heavy hitter in the industry.

Earlier in the year, Kenyans online started comparing Winnie Odinga to Breeder LW after she posted a series of photos from Arusha, where she sits as an elected member of the EALA Parliament.

The two unlikely ‘siblings’ also appear to share the same passion for the arts and, in particular, rap music with Winnie Odinga showcasing her rap adeptness in a cheeky freestyle just last month.

Back in 2022, while speaking to the ‘Iko nini’ podcast, Winnie revealed she was down for a face-off with female rapper Femi One, who she invited for a cypher.

“I challenge her to a rap off, I’ll do a cypher with her…I’ll wash her a**!” she said before bursting into laughter. 

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