Moja Expressway Convenes Emergency Meeting After Cyprian Nyakundi Highlighted Plight of Company’s Employees

Sources have confirmed that Moja Expressway, a rogue company tasked with contracting attendants along the Nairobi Expressway, held an emergency meeting hours after this blog highlighted the plight of employees at the firm.

In the story published on Sunday, March 27, 2022, toll operators at the multi-billion project protested a number of workplace issues, including lack of security and prevailing mistreatment that they asked to be immediately addressed or else instigate a boycott on the official opening day.

The group also raised an issue over the meagre amount of pay they have been receiving for their services as well as a culture of discrimination slowly invading the workplace.

In this regard, the recent case of a pregnant lady that was reportedly unfairly dismissed on the grounds that she could no longer rightfully perform her duties did not sit very well with her colleagues.

According to insiders on the ground, the management at Moja Expressway convened an urgent consultative forum on Monday morning in an effort to calm down the disgruntled employees.

During the meeting, representatives from the company acknowledged the existence of the impediments affecting service delivery and pledged to sort them out in an undefined order of priority.

“Hi, Nyakundi,

Thank you so much, brother.

The management convened an urgent meeting this morning.

They told us that they will give attention to the issue of insecurity first then follows the rest,” the source informed us.

Will Moja Expressway live up to its promise and address all the matters raised by the employees?

Only time will tell.

But in the meantime, we shall be keenly following this developing story with a view of bringing you subsequent updates as they flow in.

The expressway project is inching closer to completion with most of the infrastructure already installed and set for the official opening on 4th April 2022 by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It will have 11 interchanges and 27 toll stations dotted along different sections of the elevated highway.

The tickets for the road will be obtained at the toll stations.

Motorists will then be expected to keep the same ticket which will be scanned before exiting the road.

source: cnyakundi

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