The Best Deepest Pool In The World

Quick facts About Deep Dive Dubai

Information Details
Location United Arab Emirates
Depth 196 feet (Deepest pool globally)
Water Capacity 14 million liters (Equivalent to six Olympic-sized pools)
Designer Deep Blue Divers (Austrian company)
Opening Year 2021
Unique Features Sunken city with underwater arcade, pool table, and foosball table
Safety Measures Equipped with 56 safety cameras for divers

Discovering the Depths: The World’s Deepest Indoor Pool in Dubai

The Deep Dive Dubai, found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world’s deepest indoor pool. It holds a massive 14 million liters of freshwater and goes down to 60 meters (about 196.85 feet).

This pool is designed to look like a sunken city influenced by the UAE’s pearl-diving history. It’s the only place where you can dive to this depth, which is 15 meters deeper and four times larger than any other diving pool globally.

Deep Dive Location

The Deep Dive Dubai sits in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You’ll find it at the NAS Sports Complex, which is only 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

 Engineering Feat of Deepest Pool in the World

Building Deep Dive Dubai was a big challenge. The pool goes down 60 meters, like a 20-story building. Engineers had to dig a huge hole to fit the pool and make sure the water wouldn’t leak.

They added all the cool designs and stuff before filling it with water, so there was lots of scaffolding. While they worked on it, keeping the pressure equal was a constant challenge.

Deepest Pool In The World

Security in Deep Dive Dubai

The Deep Dive Dubai keeps divers safe with 56 cameras covering the whole pool.

They’ve got a super-advanced hyperbaric chamber for up to 12 people in case of an emergency. And they provide the right gases for safe dives: nitrox for the not-so-deep ones and trimix for deeper dives.

The Deepest Pool in the World Unique Experience

The pool at Deep Dive Dubai looks like an abandoned sunken city inspired by the UAE’s pearl-diving history. It has an apartment, garage, and arcade, among other things.

To keep divers safe, there are 56 cameras, and the lighting and sound systems make different underwater moods.

Deep Dive Dubai offers a special underwater experience for both new and experienced divers. You can discover a fascinating underwater attraction that looks like a sunken city.

Exploring this big underwater city takes multiple dives and is full of excitement. The pool has 56 cameras for safety and high-tech lighting and sound systems for different underwater atmospheres.

Deep Dive Dubai: Enriching the Local Community

Deep Dive Dubai makes the local community happy in many ways:

  1. Tourism: Many tourists visit Deep Dive Dubai, bringing in money and jobs for local businesses.
  2. Education: Deep Dive Dubai offers classes for new and experienced divers, helping people learn about marine life and underwater stuff.
  3. Fun: It’s a cool place for both divers and non-divers. You can explore the underwater city, and it’s super safe with 56 cameras. They also have awesome lighting and sound.
  4. Community: Deep Dive Dubai teams up with local groups to protect the environment. They also have fun stuff for kids like birthday parties and school trips.


Is the water in Deep Dive Dubai freshwater or saltwater?

The water in Deep Dive Dubai is freshwater, cleaned by an advanced purification system.

What is the temperature in Deep Dive Dubai?

The water stays a comfy 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) all year. You might just need a swimsuit, but a 3mm wetsuit is cozier for longer or colder dives. The wetsuit’s part of your admission.

Will I see marine life in Deep Dive Dubai?

Nope, it’s not an aquarium. You can explore cool places, but no animals.

Is Deep Dive Dubai the world’s deepest pool?

Absolutely! It’s 60.02 meters deep, certified by Guinness World Records.

How much water is there?

It’s 14 million liters, and we filter it every six hours.

Are there restaurants?

Yep, you can enjoy drinks and snacks while looking at the sunken city.

Do I need to book in advance?

It’s best to book ahead to guarantee a spot, but walk-ins are welcome.

Is there parking?

Yes, lots of parking near the entrance.

Can I bring non-diving friends?

Sure, they can watch through windows and monitors.

Can I bring my own gear?

Nope, your admission includes all the equipment, and we don’t allow outside gear to keep the water clean.


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