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Relieve to lawyers, Cecil Miller and George Kithi after court stops Sonko from publishing their alledged fees extortions scandals on his socials

A court has gagged former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko from further exposing his former lawyers in a series of videos he has been leaking on social media.

The lawyers, Cecil Miller and George Kithi, on Monday, got orders restraining Sonko from publishing anything relating to them pending hearing and determination of their petition.

Also gagged is Justice Said Chitembwe’s alleged brother Amana Said Jirani.

In the case filed at the Milimani Chief Magistrate Court, Jirani is listed as the second respondent alongside the former county chief.

“I have just gotten to my residence after a long day of tying up the subsequent episodes being 5B, 5C, 6 A, B and 7; only for my security to notify me that a court order has been served upon me ostensibly gagging further release of the expose,” Sonko captioned the order he shared on Facebook.

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In the series of videos shared recently, Sonko accused the two lawyers of colluding with senior Executive officials and judges to deny him justice in his impeachment case.

He claimed the lawyers received huge sums of money as bribes to betray him.

“The plaintiffs are the two beleaguered lawyers who duped me in my criminal case and abandoned me at the height of my impeachment proceedings after being paid stupendous sums of money under the guise of legal fees,” Sonko added.

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“The two beleaguered lawyers, (my former lawyers) have now obtained a court order E56 of 2021 before the Millimani chief’s magistrate’s court that restrains me from making further posts. As a law-abiding citizen, who abides by the rule of law, I stand guided and fully comply to the same order safe that I will challenge the same order at the inter-parties hearing.”

Chief Magistrate H.N.Nyaga directed the advocates to serve Sonko with the order and court papers by close of business Tuesday, November 23.

“Pending inter parties hearing the defendants are hereby restrained from publishing further statements and articles forthwith as regards the plaintiffs,” the order states.

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