Safaricom Acknowledges M-Pesa Message Issue For Some Android Users, Offers Solution

Safaricom has responded to reports of some customers not receiving M-Pesa transaction messages. The company identified the issue as affecting Android users with third-party messaging apps set as default.

“Dear Customer, We have noted that some of our customers are not receiving messages from Safaricom and/or M-Pesa. This issue is affecting customers with Android phones who are using third party SMS apps,” Safaricom stated.

Key Points

  • Problem: M-Pesa transaction messages not reaching some users.
  • Cause: Using third-party messaging apps as default on Android phones.
  • Solution:
    • Check spam and blocked folders for Safaricom messages and unblock them.
    • Switch to the default messaging app for receiving M-Pesa notifications.

“Open your SMS app and check the Spam & Blocked folder. Find a Safaricom and M-PESA message and unblock it. All subsequent messages will go to the main inbox. Additionally, customers using Android smartphones can select the default SMS app as it does not have a spate folder,” Safaricom added.

Several days ago, Safaricom also experienced a technical hitch with M-Pesa, which affected a lot of businesses in the country.

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