All You Need To Know About Allan Chesang’, Man At The Centre Of Fake Laptops Deal Signed In DP Ruto’s Office

exclusive,All You Need To Know About Allan Chesang’, Man At The Centre Of Fake Laptops Deal Signed In DP Ruto’s Office

Using the pseudo name Mr Kiptoo, Allan Chesang received over 1,707 laptops in Eastleigh, Nairobi from businessman Charles Musinga of Makindu Motors.


This was after Chesang and his friends at the Office of the Deputy President William Ruto lured Mr Musinga into signing a fake laptops deal at Harambee House Annex, in the disguise of being supplied to the Ministry of Devolution.


While collecting the laptops, Mr Chesang’ came with a police escort, driving a Range Rover with Parliament and Deputy President Office’s stickers.


In total, Mr Musinga and his co-director Stephen Ngei Musyoka lost at least Ksh181 million, in a case where Teddy Owiti; Kevin Nyongesa; Augustine Matata; Joy Kamau; James Makokha, alias Mr Wanyonyi; and Johan Osore have been charged with fraud.

Mr Chesang’, while collecting the consignment, posed as an aide to Deputy President William Ruto.


It is not officially confirmed whether the allegations are true or not, but Mr Chesang’ has previously taken photos with the second in command. Their relationship is not known publicly, but it is assumed they are friends.

First of all, Mr Chesang’ contested to the Member of Parliament for Kwanza Constituency but failed.

In an interview with Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o last year, Chesang’ said that he made his first Ksh1 million while in form one, for playing table tennis and representing the country in Congo.

“The first time I represented Kenya in a championship was in a Table Tennis tournament in Congo Brazzaville. I was paid $10,000 which was equivalent to Ksh1 Million in allowances for a weekend of playing,” he stated.


He said he represented the country in several other such tournaments, earning more millions and investing.


Whether he spoke the truth or not, it is up to your judgment.


When the laptop deal exploded, at least over 700 laptops were recovered at his Loresho home in Nairobi

“He and his co-accused have been importing the laptops using the DP’s name and conning unsuspecting suppliers,” said an officer who was at the scene.

Also, Kenya Revenue Authority stickers were also recovered in his house.


A document found in the house show suspects had signed a deal of lending equipment worth Sh317 million.


Before his arrest, Chesang’ was known for driving high-end cars such as Range Rovers or E-class Mercedes Benz, which are either fitted with stickers from the office of the Deputy President or those that are preserved for Members of Parliament.

On September 25, 2018, he was among Kenyan entrepreneurs who held a meeting with the President of Kosice Region, Mr Rastislav Trnka. In the same meeting was Simon Kachapin who is the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Energy.


The following day, he still accompanied the CAS to Vernet Behringer, a UK-based company where they met with the officials.


Mr Chesang runs Allan Chesang Foundation and is also a part-owner of Blend Club in Nairobi and The Garage in Thika Town.

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